"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"
                                                                                                       Pablo Picasso


 This very simple yet deep idea of Picasso says it all. Have you ever experienced staying in front of a painting in a museum and without knowing it, you surrender to it and forget the time, the space, overwhelmed by a deep feeling that something lost is restored? Yet afterwards you cannot say what it was, but it was something important, kind, good and fragile. I feel always like this in a museum, and I am sure you feel in this way too. 
Since childhood I was profoundly interested in many different aspects of art, particularly in drawing, painting and writing poems. Through my whole life and career as an academic philosopher these interests were crucial in my life. I am influenced by a great number of contemporary artists and writers and hence not faithful to any particular school of painting or writing. There is a truth in everything. My art reflects the life I live and my struggle for forming it as a work of art. If you see anything familiar in my art, it is merely because we share something valuable in common.